Wild Legacy Bengals
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ApplicationWaiting List

The families listed below have secured their spot on our waiting list, with a deposit. When a litter is born, any kittens not placed "under evaluation" for our breeders, are first made available to the Premier Waiting List Families. After kitten selection by Premier Waiting List Families, we notify those on our Inquiry List.

Premier Waiting List  Updated 01/25/2021

1. 08/08/2020 Keely M. Louisiana 
Brown Spotted Male

2. 09/28/2020 Larry G.  Florida
Any available kitten (pending selection)

3. 9/29/2020 Don S. Florida
Brown Spotted Female

4. 10/11/2020 Teri S. Nevada
Silver Spotted Male, or available kitten

5. 10/19/2020 Malinda P, Florida
Silver, or any available kitten

6. 10/19/2020 Kaitlyn P, Florida
Male, any available kitten

7. 11/05/2020 Matt H, Florida
Brown Spotted Male

​8. 11/17/2020 Scott F. Texas
Brown Spotted Female

9. 11/19/2020 Jeanne T. Mississippi
Any available kitten

10. 11/24/2020 Sean C. Florida 
Any available kitten

11. 12/09/2020 Andy A. Georgia 
Any available Kitten

12. 12/28/2020 Stuart V. Florida
Any available male

13. 01/01/2021  Alan R. Florida
Any available male

14. 01/02/2021 Alena N. Florida
Any available male

15. 01/06/2021 Augusto B. Florida
Any available kitten

16. 01/24/2021 Michaeleen B. Florida 
Any available kitten

01/25/2021 Waiting List is closed. 

Waiting List for Wild Legacy Bengals
Inquiry List, 

11/07/2020 Holly S.

11/10/2020 Alicia R.

11/22/2020 Donna T.

12/03/2020 Lisa / Noah,

01/03/2021 Jacob / Jillian