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How to join the waiting list:
Our kittens are often sold before they are born, via our waiting list. The waiting list is honored on a first come - first serve basis. Those who place a deposit, do so with a specific color, pattern, and gender requested .Once the kittens are born, families make their choice from any available kitten, with their desired traits, at 4 weeks of age. 

This allows for families to start watching their kitten develop and play from an early age. Any kittens not chosen by a family on the waiting list, then becomes available to others. Not all kittens may be available at 4 weeks. Some may be held back for breeder evaluation. Breeder evaluation's can be for ourselves, another breeder, or to be shown. These kittens may become available at a later date.  

We do allow someone to switch from their chosen kitten to one that we held back if it becomes available. This is also done based off the order of our waiting list.  

A deposit amount of $300 is applied to the total purchase price. Before I allow anyone to join our waiting list, we must first talk via phone about what we expect from our kitten families and what they can expect from us.  

When you add a WildLegacy Bengal to your home, you join an exclusive group of families. We share, we laugh, and we support each other, through a private Facebook group just for our families. This keeps you connected to us at all times. When you have questions, someone in the WLB family is often able to help you before I can.  

If you are interested in adding your family to the waiting list, please contact me via Facebook messenger, email at WildLegacyBengals@gmail.com, or via the form to the right. 
Wild Legacy Bengals
Below you find answers to our most commonly asked questions. 
If you are unable to find the answer to any of your questions, please do not hesitate to give me a call or fill out the form to request more information.
What does my kitten come with?
What health testing is done?
Every kitten goes home with a large about of items and supplies to help them feel comfortable and transition into their new home. 

  • Toys and treats
  • Blanket and Carrier
  • Litter Box
  • 40 lbs of Pine Pellet Litter
  • 1 month of Raw Homemade Diet
  • Binder with all their medical records
  • TICA Litter registration and parents pedigrees
  • Prepaid Microchip registration with PetKey
  • ​Insurance information with a certificate for one month of insurance
  • State of Florida Sales Health Certificate that includes the following:
  • proof of vaccination,  negative fecal sample, negative FeLV test, deworming 
  • Lifetime breeder support and access to our exclusive Facebook Owners Group.
All of our breeding cats under go extensive health testing either with US Davis, or Optimal Selections.  

We scan for the following;

Pyruvate kinase (PK) deficiency, Pyruvate kinase is an enzyme found within red blood cells which enables them to produce energy to survive. If this enzyme is lacking, the lifespan of the red blood cells is significantly reduced, resulting in chronic anemia. PK Def is detected by a saliva sample.

Bengal Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA-b), sadly causes blindness. Most that are affected are blind by the age of two. Thankfully we can test our breeding cats with a saliva sample.

Feline Leukemia,  Feline leukemia virus (FeLV) is a disease that impairs the cat's immune system and causes certain types of cancer. This virus infection is responsible for a majority of deaths in household cats, affecting all breeds. We test all breeding cats before breeding and each kitten before going to their new family.

Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, also referred to as FIV. Feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) infection is a complex retrovirus that causes immunodeficiency disease in domestic cats. We test all of our breeding cats before breeding. 

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, can only be detected by a cardiologist. We take all of our cats to a board certified cardiologist before being bred. HCM is a nearly always fatal heart disease, effecting cats at any age.

What does a kitten cost?
I am a strong believer that all kittens are worth the same amount. I do not feel any one kitten is worth more than another because it has a different coat pattern or color. A Seal Lynx female kitten is not worth anymore than a  Brown Marble male kitten, each kitten took just as much time and energy to raise. 

Unfortunately there is no difference in show entry fee's, hotel stays, travel time and expense, or health testing of the parents because of what it can or can not produce color or pattern wise.  All kittens are $1700.00 

09/07/2019: At this time, the waiting list is open for reservations. 

08/01/2019: Due to the hanges with 
Facebook's policy on the sale of animals, 
we no longer keep our waiting list, listed publicly on Facebook .