Wild Legacy Bengals
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Application for a Wild Legacy Bengal

Our kittens are sold to families with the best fit in mind. To help determine which kitten is the best fit for your family, we have an application process to help us get to know you
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When would you like to bring your new Bengal home?

Have you ever owned a cat?

Have you ever owned a Bengal?

If you have not personally owned a Bengal, do you have 
experience with them?

How many cats are in your home?

How many dogs are in your home?

Do you  have children under the age of 14 living in the home?

Are your children aware of how to handle a pet?

How many people reside in the home ?

What is your home life like?

Is anyone in the home allergic to cats? 

Do you have any small caged pets ( birds, rodents, reptiles )?

Do you rent or own your home?

If you rent your home, can you provide proof that cats are allowed?

Do you work from home or out of the home?