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About Wild Legacy Bengals
Wild Legacy Bengals was founded in my head, long before it ever came to fruition. Many years ago I fell in love with an amazing Bengal Cat by the name of Kahn, while working as a veterinary nurse. I was the only one in the clinic that could handle him. He trusted me, and  as such my love of the breed developed.  Kahn is now 15 and I am still in contact with his owner.  (Kahn passed away in December of 2016)

After many years of research, I finally acquired our first girl, SolanaRanch Sheer Bliss and was hooked, and as such Wild Legacy Bengals was born. 

Wild Legacy Bengals is a family-owned and operated small TICA and CFA registered cattery. 

We believe in a natural approach to caring for all of our pets. Our girls are allowed to deliver their kittens where ever they feel most comfortable in our home. Within a few weeks, we do encourage them to start keeping them in one location, the cat room. 

We feed a raw diet, and encourage our families to do so as well. Yet, we know, most don't care to, so we prepare the kitten's to go home on a holistic grain free easy to digest kibble.

We minimally vaccinate, and use as little flea prevention as possible. We have a wonderful veterinarian that believes in this same theory. He over see's each of our cats healthcare, and examines, vaccinates, and provides a health certificate for each kitten before it goes to it new home.

We actively show our cats, and travel to multiple shows per year. We believe that before a cat is 'worthy' of breeding, it should be determined by qualified judges, that our cats meet the breed standard as described by The International Cat Association.

Before breeding, each cat undergoes a series of health tests. Once we have the documented results, we confidently know we are breeding healthy kittens for you to enjoy.

All Kittens are sold in accordance with Florida State Law.   Florida law requires every dog and cat sold in the state of Florida, be sold with a State of Florida State Certificate of Veterinary Inspection.